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Hailing from Doncaster South Yorkshire, Jon R Hartley "J R Hartley" also known as Sweet started mixing beats aged 14 yrs old back in good old 1992 whilst living down the south coast known as Brighton. A few years later he moved back to Yorkshire but kept spinning the beats all the way into the time of the heavy breakbeat era now known as Jungle/Drum N Bass. In the late nineties/early noughties after winning a large DJ competition but dissolussioned by the more technical dark side of DNB Sweet moved into the UK Garage and RnB world and by gaining bookings locally and in other towns and cities felt more at home as a DJ.
Years later Sweet come home and back to Drum N Bass then helped Danger FM become a beloved outlet to all listeners searching for a chatroom family plus great beats as a weekly release from the normal. As a result Sweet also set up a recording label Innarhythm Recordings as an outlet for artists to showcase their skills.

-: Sweet


I’ve been DJing in clubs and events over the past twenty years, evolving into House and Tech House sets with a club theme. I also had a show on Select Radio with Digital Dog and guests.

-: Stuboy


Sparki started mixing in 2002 on belt drive turntables before working his way to Technics 1210's. He has DJ'ed across the UK at club nights, raves and is famed for his across the board mixing through the rave genres taking the raver/listener on a journey. Sparki has been on the airwaves doing internet and pirate radio since 2007 and has an extensive CV going back to stations such as Nu Rave, Planet Rave, PFM, Touchdown FM, Spice, LPR, Lazer FM, Charge FM, Happy Nation, No Fear Radio, Shadow FM.

As well as DJ'ing Sparki has been producing and since 2004 has released on many labels including Ravestomp, RaveNoyz, Azzuro, Kode 5, Allowance Recordings, Hardcore Lives, Addiction Records, Climactic, CT12 Recordings.
He also managed to get played twice nationally on BBC Radio 1 with Annie Nightingale, BBC6 Music, BBC Introducing, BBC Kent, BBC Upload and has one of his drum n bass tracks used in a Chilean TV show.

Sparki is a jack of all trades genres wise in his mixing and producing skills and will be guaranteed to take you on one hell of a journey.

-: Sparki Dee




Formed in feb 2006 Direct & Jameson aka The Nastysquad Promoting the best in nuskool & oldskool.
Playing you the latest nuskool hardcore-breaks breakbeat jungle dnb & oldskool house hardcore rave techno jungle & dnb online & interactive saturday`s 12pm till 2pm on north east kents original pirate 88.2 Pulse FM which was established in jan 1990 till september 1991 is back worldwide. www.pulsefm.co.uk / mixcloud live pulsefm882 / tunein app as from 22nd august 2020.

:- Nastysquad


Its all teejay fault for getting me on the wheels of steel i owe it all to him.

-: Jay


A unique artist today skilfully fusing electronic, funk and disco elements from the 80′s with modern underground sounds. He thrives on vivid imagination, coupled with genuine originality, and showcases an extraordinary ability that sets him apart from the rest.

From the age of 12 Dean was a regular at Red Records, London, and a keen member of the Southwark Youth Orchestra. From here he developed both the love and knowledge that propelled him in to DJ-ing, production, label and event management.

Numerous highlights in his career include supporting artists such as WILL.I.AM and Mark Ronson on their UK tours. Dean has also co-managed various international sponsored festivals, held various residencies that include Supperclub, Pacha London, SO.UK and Avalanche Ibiza.

For several years Dean took to the radio airwaves delivering prime time radio shows, for Sunrise FM, winning over keen underground audiences.

In between projects he has also successfully hosted 180+ international events, under his brand’s umbrella, earning a charity recognition award in event management in the process. Dean has worked with a long list of critically acclaimed producers, venues and performers throughout his career. Primarily known for steer heading the rapid expansion his label and promotion “Lifted UK” throughout the 00’s, he still has a burning desire for bringing people together through music.

Dean has recently returned to the scene after a long hiatus involving his newly formed music fundraising organisation, a great cause for mental health awareness with a series of planned events for the future.

-: Dean


LibAtee has been djing on and off since 1992, in the early years he appeared in a couple of pubs and such in his home town of Salisbury but alas this didn’t amount to anything substantial.
however he’s always had a place in his heart for the early 90’s Rave scene.

After moving away and taking a break Djing he got back into mixing like he’d never left, and in 2008 joined Choons.net where he started uploading mixes and meeting a lot of new people who shared his passion.

Then meeting kidson and the nu-rave crew libAtee was asked in November 2009 if he’d like to do a radio show.
Jumping at the chance his first show went out and generated such a buzz with him, he asked for more.

This saw the launch of the random rave show which started at 8pm on Saturdays.
Also at about this time he discovered Ableton live 8 and quickly wanted to get to grips with learning music production.

To date he has tracks signed to Red Alpha Records, Untity breaks and appeared on the fantastic Album BOOYAKA along side a number of legends he used to and still does look up to.

The Random Rave show still goes strong today after 10 years.
He has also branched out yet again with his new show now on pulsefm every thursday night, 8 til 10pm.

Peace Libz


Started messing around on turntables in the late 80s, after 2 of my pals Robert Freeman and
David Lynch on the estate i grew up on, bought their Technics 1210's. I have to give them a
mention, after all, it was because of them I got in to Dj'ing. Always liked my Reggae but they also
got me into the Old Skool House & Hardcore genre.

Moved out of the Rave era, straight into the
Jungle era and then life got in the way for many years, before eventually getting back into it all.
I mainly play Drum & Bass/Jungle or Reggae these days, but now an then have a little cheeky play
with House. Played regularly and guested on a few station's over the years. Chaos FM, Storm Fm,
Sunrise Fm, Danger Fm, Impact Fm, Kool London, Spice Radio, Drift, OldSkoolFantacy, London
Pirate Radio and now Pulse FM.

Also a few clubs and bars, 1 was good pal of mine Dizzy Dan
(RIP), who owned OMG in Bexley, Flava, Ministry of Sound, The Court House, 10 Below, Dorothy
inn to name a few. Also have met DJ's and become good friends over the years more like family,
so its had its benefits this Music game.

Would mention you all but ill be typing out names for
age's as there are so many of you, i wouldn't want to miss anyone out lol. Anyway that's enough
about me. Catch you all once every fortnight on Saturdays 18:00-20:00 GMT, and also the
random pop up show.

-: Rick


Jade AKA 'Not Just Jade' is London born and bred!

Her strong connection with music started at a very young age within dance scene and eventually discovering and falling inlove with the underground London House Scene.

That said Jade has an eclectic music taste. She was bought up listening to all sounds from Motown, Soul, Disco, Old School, Garage and more. Her background influences the vibes of her sets bringing you those infectious dance grooves and vocals you wont be able to resist but move too. Her music and energy captures any dance floor she plays.


J x


Switch started mixing in the mid 90’s playing Oldskool Hardcore & Jungle. Moved into the UK Garage scene when joining Divine 88.6 FM in 1998 and had regular slots at One Love at Bagleys Kings cross, all the while playing at various bars and illegal parties in and around London.

When Devine FM closed down I moved onto Passion 91.8 FM playing Garage and Funky House. Through Passion I played at many H & G nights including: Funkin You (Bagleys & the Sanctuary Milton Keynes) Pure Oldskool, Promised Land (Opera House Tottenham & Scala Kings Cross) and Liberty and Misbehave (both at Hidden in Vauxhall) also played at Desire at Ministry of Sound in the garage room for Passion FM. Other places played during my time on Passion were Fabric, Turnmills and finally Pacha. That was it for me! I’d played all 4 London superclubs at least once and to be honest I’d had enough of the H & G scene and everything that came with it, it was time for a change.

The next few years were all about the radio and back on the Oldskool, Jungle and D’n’B tip. Joined Eruption 101.3 FM sometime around 2005 all the while doing guest shows on various stations like Raw Flex, Axefm.com, House Fm (just a one off to scratch an itch) and Pyrotechnicradio.com.

After a year on Eruption FM, I left to join Phatbeats.co.uk before moving to Edinburgh, Scotland. Soon after arriving I was back on Eruptionworldwide.co.uk.
I’ve also recorded multiple guest mixes for radio stations in Detroit & New York (USA)

Since living in Edinburgh I’ve played at various nights including Audacious (Bongo club), Elektricty (City cafe), Sub-mission ( Wee Red bar & Henry’s Celler Bar) and I was also resident at Defcon (Studio 24) & have a few bookings coming up for various D’n’B nights in Bristol, London & Edinburgh & Swearve in Kvaos (Greece)
Apart form that its all about the weekly radio shows on SunriseFm & Kool London….
That’s about it really, I’d like to tell you more but what can I say ? Some parts of my mid 20’s are a bit blurry lol. I was young with no responsibility’s, playing out every week and having the time of my life………………I wouldn’t change it for anything.

-: Switchoss


Djing from around 1999/2000
Started off with house parties moved onto a few pirate radio stations ,played at a couple of bars in Shoreditch,and also the buddah club many years ago 🙂 happy memories. Dabbled with a few genres over the years, dnb house ukg so many great tunes....you can now catch me on pulsefm 88.2 every other sunday 12-2pm house and ukg flavors

-: Lass


Dj MOVEOUT ive been into the rave scene since 1992.
I've been fortunate to play for interdance, crooked halo and kode5.
Respect to all ravers !!

-: Moveout


Ohh boy, going back so far, bust seems like yesterday. Started in the Shed with a few Friends (Dave GTI, Leigh Direct, Simon, Dave Reves) and our own pirate station local to our area. Got into the radio scene hard and fast wit Joining the SunriseFM crew up in dalston, while playing out with Direct and the others down at Seduction All nighters and Camber weekenders.
Joined a friend in his local studio and learnt the ways of being a studio engineer.

Also at this time, getting further into the rave scene, met up with Kraig (Special K) and started producing. had releases on Terrin Vinyl and LowKey with tracks such as Chopstix and DJ Rap remixes.
Also with Scoot (DJ Trance) released a couple of tracks on Homegrown and IR.
Memories of jumpin up and down tower blocks in hackney with Jim the music man, puttin on a pirate station (FLEX FM) that was 400yrd's up the road from KISS and with Spooney, Ron, and the crew on there and only lasting 2 weekends before we got raided. Wouldnt change it .....
The music has always been in my life and I have met so may good people and made great friends along the way. I would never change it .. Now that I am in the US, its hard not seeing the old crew, but keeping the love alive through the sounds of the radio.

Shouts to my Brothers from another Mother, Leigh Direct, Jim the Music Man, Uncle Rick and all the old Sunrise Crew.
Piece to our lost Brother in arms. Jammo GTI.


Benjamin Hayes started DJing in 1997, producing in early 2003 and has had the opportunity to play at major dance parties across Australia and internationally in USA, New Zealand and the UK.

Haze is the owner and label manager of Executive Records, Executive Digital, Recycled Records and Recycled Digital. He uses these outlets to push his productions, and the productions of other Australian artists around the world.

Haze’s early beginnings started with Breakbeat, Jungle and Drum & Bass. His musical influences come from producers from the infamous Moving Shadow, Reinforced and Kniteforce labels to name a few.

Production wise Haze now focuses on the sounds of yesteryear with tracks ranging from 130bpm to 170bpm in either early Hardcore, Breakbeat, Jungle or Drum & Bass.

Renowned for his scratching abilities and tight mixing his 23-year DJ career has given him the experience to deliver a mind blowing set each time.

Be prepared for an energetic hardcore set that Haze is renowned for with plenty of new tracks fresh from the studio!

-: Ben


A1 is a muti genre DJ that plays tech​/deep house /classic and funky house, oldskool Trance and uk garage along with acid house and oldskool rave music from 90 - 95.He has been rocking dancefloors up and down the country for the last 10 years and his previous does not go unrecognized on the mainstage such as fantazia , raindance, moondance, ministry of sound and dreamscape just too name a few. He also is up and coming in the UK garage scene having played garage nation, pure garage, and had a residency at entice in London.

-: A1


Dj kreata (creator) started djing at the tender age of 10. He started buying hip hop back in the early 80's and his first big public gig was at Notting Hill Carnival on his dad's sound system playing hip hop and 80's soul.

During the mid to late 80's he played at friends parties and by the late 80's he had switched from hip hop to acid and the rave scene.

Kreata spent his time as roadie for his dad's sound system which at the time was quite heavily involved in the rave scene in around London, Slough and Reading. He also played at free raves in the surrounding areas including the infamous star avia rave with spiral tribe which was featured on the news and in the papers because it was near Prince Edwards Home.

His first major set was alongside SlipmAtt and Dj sparks from nomad and he was a regular in Reading playing in most of the clubs and bars at the time.

Around 1993 he teamed up with 3 other dj's to form a night called Darkness which has local legendary status. He then formed another Dj/Mc Crew (firing Squad) and has played on numerous radio stations including green apple radio, sinister, code red and inner city radio.

Clubs and Bars played at 4 Aces, Simpsons, Brunel rooms, Glass house, Wilde Theatre, Cellar bar, After Dark Club, Ninos, Alleycats, volks, The Lanterns. Purple Turtle, Central Club,

Played alongside Kenny Ken, Dj Rap, Slipmatt, Jumping Jack Frost, Easygroove, Kitachi, Dj Trace, SPiral Tribe, Dj Sparks, Dr S Gachet, Kemistry and Storm and DJ Skully..

-: Kreata


I've been hooked on music since making mix tapes from the top 40 chart on Sunday and pausing for ads in the 90's. I got my first set of SoundLab decks for my 16th birthday. Since then I've played at clubs, pubs, bars, weddings, bahmitzvas and most recently my house since lockdown! If you want to know the universal impact of music to everyone. Think of what you had for breakfast Monday last week🧐? Difficult to remember. Now finish this sentence - 'I'm too sexy for my....?' When was the last time you listened to that?! Most likely way before you ate breakfast last Monday🎧🎵#musicistheanswer

-: Wiredman


I’ve been DJing in clubs and events over the past twenty years, evolving into House and Tech House sets with a club theme. I also had a show on Select Radio with Digital Dog and guests.

-: Slinky


DJ Wislov Ravenoyz, Spain, Tenerife, born in 21/11/1976,
begins with music production and mixing in 94, influenced by electronic music
from the late 80's early 90's (hardcore, jungle, acidhouse, techno),
continues to produce independently until in 2011 it makes its official appearance by the hand of
Island Connection & Nopress Records, in their compilations Shot In The Mind 2 and 3,
From there everything has been uphill, publishing in numerous labels and making a name for himself
recognized of this scene, In 2014 he created his label Ravenoyz Recordings, following true to his styles, in 2017 he signed
with the mythical label Kniteforce Records, and debuted with the hit From Russia Wislov EP, which is his first vinyl
After many years of hard work, he is currently producing exclusively for Kniteforce Records.
Their Oldskool, hardcore, jungle style songs always leave a dark touch, with pianos, powerful rhythms and evil stabs.
DJ Seduction, DJ Phantasy, Skanna, Intense, Acen, Nebula 2, The Prodigy are some groups that have inspired their style.

-: Wislov


This young lady found what was to be her calling at an early age. Spanning back decades whether it was classical instruments, the mic or two Technics 1200's she is more than capable of drawing you into her captivating bass driven mixes. Exposed to all types of genres and opportunities. This old school raver turned dj whose passion continues to drive her. Expresses herself best behind two decks spinning drum and bass!

"It is one of the most satisfying feelings being able to connect with others through music and that’s a huge part of why I do it."

-: DJ Melt

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